Contemporary Chinese Area Studies

Contemporary Chinese area studies


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Research Centers

Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies, Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies,Waseda Universityweb site

Major theme : “China Becoming a ‘Superpower’”

Director : AMAKO Satoshi


Research Center for Modern and Contemporary China, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University web site

Major theme :“Multilayered Structure of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History”

Director : ISHIKAWA Yoshihiro


Center for Contemporary China Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio Universityweb site

Major theme :“Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy and National Security in the Transitional Period”

Director : TAKAHASHI Nobuo


Contemporary China Research Base, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyoweb site

Major theme :“Long-term Economic Development of China and East Asia: The Trajectory and Prospects of Industrialization”

Director : MARUKAWA Tomoo


RIHN-Initiative for Chinese Environmental Issues,
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), NIHUweb site

Major theme :“Globalizing China's Environmental Issues and Scenarios for Mature Society in East Asia”

Director : KUBOTA Jumpei


Documentation Center for China Studies, Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library)web site

Major theme : “Construction of Japan's Information and Research Materials Center on Contemporary China: Understanding the Changes in Contemporary China through Systematic and Long-term Analysis of Information Materials”

Director : TSUCHIDA Akio


[ Partner Research Center ]

International Center for Chinese Studies, Aichi Universityweb site

Major theme :“Empirical Study about Structural Transformations on Changing Sino-Japanese Relations”

Director : TAKAHASHI Goro


Institute of Grassroots China, Hosei University

Major theme : “Zhongnanhai Research: Socio-Political Survey of the Chinese Communist Party”

Director : HISHIDA Masaharu


Contemporary China Research Base, Kobe University
Interfaculty Initiative in the Social Sciences

Major theme : “Study on the Sustainability of China's Economic Systems: Beyond the Double Traps”

Director : KATO Hiroyuki