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Research Centers

Center for the Study of Contemporary India, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto Universityweb site

Major theme : “Environment and Politics in South Asia”

Program Convener : FUJITA Koichi

Director : TANABE Akio


Center for Contemporary India Area Studies, National Museum of Ethnology, NIHU web site

Major theme : “Culture and Society of South Asia”

Director : MIO Minoru


Center for Indian Studies, University of Tokyo websiteJapanese site

Major theme : Economic Development and Historical Change in South Asia”

Director : MIZUSHIMA Tsukasa


Center for Contemporary India Studies, Hiroshima Universityweb site

Major theme : “Spatial Structure and Development Issues in South Asia”

Director : TOMOZAWA Kazuo


Center for the Study of Contemporary India, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies web site

Major theme : “Literature, Social Movement and Gender in South Asia”

Director : AWAYA Toshie


Center for the Study of Contemporary India, Ryukoku Universityweb site

Major theme : “Fundamental Changes in Thought and Values in South Asia”

Director : DAKE Mitsuya