Promotion of Research in the Human Sciences

The most pressing tasks in the twenty-first century are the coexistence of all peoples in the world and the survival of humankind on this planet. The human sciences continue to hold the keys for addressing these difficult challenges.

NIHU promotes the development of new fields of study in the human sciences and research activities aimed at development of advanced and international research. It coordinates inter-institutional resource sharing in Japan and overseas.

NIHU integrates the research resources and research results accumulated by each of its institutes and promotes inter-institutional research for the further advancement of scholarship.

- Second Medium-Term Period(FY2010-2015)

- First Medium-Term Period(FY2005-2009)

Exhibit within the academic world and also to promote links with socjiety by furnishing the people.

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At NIHU, systems are being developed for nihuINT(integrated retrieval) and application of data from existing research databases.


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Survey and study Japan-related documents and artifacts located in other countries.
NIHU and its six institutes together have academic exchange agreements with more than sixty universities and research institutions in other countries.

Aim to enhance a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of cultures and societies that are regarded as having special social and scholarly significance to Japan.

- Islamic Area Studies

- Contemporary Chinese Area Studies

- Contemporary India Area Studies

NIHU holds lectures and symposiums in order to make scholarly achievements in humanities research as widely known as possible.

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