Resource Sharing

As part of its Second Medium-Term inter-institutional collaborative research programs in the human sciences, NIHU is engaged in developing and managing research resource-sharing systems to promote sharing in academia of information resources accumulated by the six NIHU institutes and area studies centers. The program is implemented by the Committee of Resource-Sharing
 The research resource-sharing system is currently made up of two systems: the “nihuINT” (NIHU Integrated Retrieval System), which cross-searches more than 100 databases of the six NIHU institutes and area studies centers 149 databases as of February 2015 and NDL (National Diet Library) Search (13 databases as of February 2015), and the time-space analysis system (GT-Map/GT-Time) for analyzing era/period information and geographic location and place-name information. Since 2010, NIHU has provided the GT-Map/GT-Time system to members of the academic community as free software.
 In FY 2014, in order to achieve flexible links for research resources among the six institutes of NIHU and universities and other institutions outside of NIHU, a technical verification test using semantic Web technology was conducted, and study was begun with the aim of strengthening research resource sharing functions in preparation for the projects of the Third Medium- Term Plan. Also, in order to provide international access to the results of Japan studies and research in the human sciences in Japan, we have made a collection of international links publicly available.

At NIHU, systems have been developed since FY 2005 for the nihuINT(integrated retrieval) from existing research databases and the sharing of resources for application purposes.
Since April 2008, these systems have been available to the public.


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With the aim of stimulating research and education through the efficient use of diverse databases of domestic and international origin, priority has been given to implementing the Project to Promote Resource Sharing. With this project, the aim is to create an environment that can apply various research databases in an integrated, comprehensive and swift manner.


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