Resource Sharing System

What is the Resource Sharing System

At NIHU, systems have been developed for the nihuINT(Integrated Retrieval System) from existing research databases and the sharing of resources for application purposes since FY 2005.

Since April 2008, these systems have been available to the public.

The Resource Sharing System actually comprises two systems.

nihuINT(Integrated Retrieval System)

Six research institutes make up National Institutes for the Humanities: National Museum of Japanese History, National Institute of Japanese Literature, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, and National Museum of Ethnology .

The over 100 databases that they provide can be collectively cross searched. In addition, with the space-time data that the individual databases provide, nihuINT(Integrated Retrieval System) and display functions have been achieved. This system is called the nihuINT(Integrated Retrieval System).

nDP(nihu Data Provider)

This system, which has research support functions that readily facilitate making research results public, can manage types of databases in which researchers participate. It is called the nDP.
In addition, research and development of the Geo-Temporal Analyzer (GTA) is being advanced. The GTA analyzes and processes space-time data, which is basic to humanities research.
In developing systems for sharing resources, numerous issues have been resolved, such as how to cross search myriad and numerous humanities databases, how to create user interfaces, and how to handle diverse space-time data and create related knowledge bases.
However, in reality, this project is still in the early stages. Many problems remain in terms of usability and the like, but users may simply consider it to be a first version, as we would like to continue improving system functions and other aspects.
We will be periodically announcing things like the specifics of improvements and research and development and the status of space-time system research and development.


May 7, 2012
Resource Sharing Promotion Project Committee

National Institutes for the Humanities

nihuINT(Integrated Retrieval System)

Cross searches over 100 databases from six institutes.

Use the nihuINT(Integrated  Retrieval System)

- Simple and easy to use.

- Equipped with advanced search functions.

- Features space-time data analysis functions.

- Conforms to international standards.

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Creates, searches and utilizes databases.

Use the nDP

- Able to create personalized databases.

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Latest Information

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During times when the integrated search function of the institute you seek to utilize has been disabled, please use the system of another institute that is operating. Database content and functions will be the same.