Inter-Institutional Research (first midium-term Period )

Integrated Research on Exchange between Japan and Eurasia

This theme might be paraphrased as, “A History of Japan's Cultural Exchange with Asia,” NIHU seeks to create new areas of humanistic research by combining research projects on going at individual institutes, and by cooperating with researchers with other institutional affiliations working on similar themes. The entire program was planned to last six fiscal years, concluding in FY2009. The results achieved will be summarized that final year.


>Relationship between Eurasia and Japan: Mutual Interaction and Representation (National Museum of Japanese History: KURASHIMA Hiroshi)

>Comprehensive Research on ‘Man and Water’ in Monsoon Areas of Asia (Research Institute for humanity and Nature: AKIMICHI Tomoya)

>The Back and Forth of Cultural Interaction (National Institute of Japanese Literature: TANIGAWA Keiichi)


The Advanced Application of Cultural Resources

NIHU, under the cooperation of both internal and external research institutes, conducts research on cultural resources possessed by the research institutes belonging to the NIHU and aims to fully promote the shared application of such resources. Each research institute possesses proven results from the organization, research, and dissemination of information they have conducted to date on their respective cultural resources and materials. Based on those achievements research is conducted under the cooperation of both internal and external research institutes, and by fully promoting the shared use of resources, the NIHU aims to achieve even higher-levels of research results.


>An Integration of Bushi Materials – Resources for Comparative History and the Representation of Different Cultures (National Museum of Japanese History: KOJIMA Michihiro)

>Classicism and Imperial Libraries in the Medieval and Early Modern Eras – Focusing on Inherited Books of the Takamatsu-no-miya Family (National Museum of Japanese History: YOSHIOKA Masayuki)

>Advanced Application of Materials for “the Museum of Japanese Business History” (National Institutes of Japanese Literature: AOKI Mutsumi)

>Advanced Collaborative Research on Archeology, History and Folklore, and Environmental Information Utilizing GIS. (International Research Center for Japanese Studies: UNO Takeo)

>Reconstructing Sources for Modern East Asian History – Using Books Possessed by the Former “Research Center for the History of Japan-China Relations” (International Research Center for Japanese Studies: AIBA Atsushi)

>Comparative Research on Visual Representations of Ainu Culture: Efforts to Digitalize Ishu Retsuzo and the Munro Collection (National Museum of Ethnology: SASAKI Shiro)

>Building a Foundation of Resource Management to Promote the Shared Use of Tngible Cultural Resources (National Museum of Ethnology: SONODA Naoko)

>Discographic Research on recordings Made Abroad by Nippon Clumbia. (National Museum of Ethnology: FUKUOKA Shota)