Overseas Sources on Modern Japanese Migrants and
Their Milieu: A Survey and Study

The China team published volumes 1 and 2 of the Nikka Gakkai kanren Takahashi Kunpei monjo shiryō (Takahashi Kunpei Documents Related to the Japan-China Institute). The American continents teams A and B surveyed documents in locations in North and South America and Hawai‘i and published volumes 1 and 2 of Nikkei Burajiru imin bungaku (Immigrant Literature by Japanese
Residents of Brazil). The oral documents team conducted oral history surveys mainly in Hawai‘i and, working with American continent team A, held a survey and workshop. The Korea team published Teikoku Nihon to shokuminchi daigaku (Imperial Japan and Colonial Territory Universities). The Taiwan team co-published with the Academia Sinica Taiwan History Research Institute the work
Tsutsumibayashi Kazue-kankei bunsho senshū (Selected Tsutsumibayashi Kazue-Related Documents). The cultural assets preservation team published Sekino Tadashi tairiku chōsa to genzai (Sekino Tadashi’s Continental Survey and Today) and Tōhō Bunka Gakuin kyūzō kenchiku shashin mokuroku (Catalog of Old Architectural Photographs Formerly Owned by the Institute for Oriental Culture). NIHU makes available the results of its accumulated efforts (including its databases) not only to local Japanese users but to researchers from around the world.