International Collaborative Research on Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Overseas

In 2010, NIHU embarked on an international collaborative research project to survey and study Japan-related documents and artifacts located in other countries. The aim of the project is to clarify
the significance of Japanese culture in world history and promote international research on the subject. NIHU established the Committee for Survey and Research of Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Overseas, and in collaboration with the Historiographical Institute and the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia at the University of Tokyo, the Institute for Research in Humanities at
Kyoto University, and the Oita Prefecture Ancient Sages Historical Archives, it is engaged in comprehensive survey and research of diverse materials held overseas. A network of international research is being created through links to institutions overseas. Under the Second Medium-Term Plan, the following three projects are underway.


>Study of the Siebold Family Collection and Other Materials Collected in Japan and Taken Overseas in the Nineteenth Century

>Overseas Sources on modern Japanese Migrants and their Milieu: A Survey and Study

>Survey and Research on the Preservation and Publication of the Mario Marega Documents in the Collection of the Vatican Library